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Wear a real Diamond Taira on your Wedding Day


Something borrowed?  Be in with the chance to wear a Diamond Tiara on your wedding day.

Jack Murphy Jewellers in Newry are offering all those lucky bride to be’s the chance to wear a stunning Diamond Tiara with Tolkowsky cut diamonds for her wedding day.

When you purchase a Mastercut Diamond with Jack Murphy Jewellers you will be offered the opportunity to wear this stunning masterpiece on your wedding day.

 Jean Paul Tolkowsky has created the MasterCut collection. The MasterCut diamond is a perfectly proportioned and perfectly symmetrical diamond with 89 facets, 32 more than a traditional round brilliant diamond.  Jack Murphy Jewellers have this exquisite collection for their customers to view in store today.

The Tolkowsky family have seven generations of diamond cutting knowledge, Marcel Tolkowsky created the Brilliant Cut and the Ideal cut diamond, and Gabi Tolkowsky is one of the world’s most renowned diamond cutters and was commissioned by De Beers to act as master cutter for the 273.85 carats Centenary Diamond. Both Jack and Gemma Murphy had the privilege of meeting Gabi recently and the whole staff team are extremely passionate about the stunning Mastercut range.