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Hearts On Fire diamonds are the most perfectly cut and beautiful diamonds in the world. Jack Murphy Jewellers stock all of the following product samples but we can create a wide range of rings to suit your taste and incorporating Hearts On Fire diamonds.

Product Range 2

What Every Woman Wants... What every Woman Needs.

Without it, you ears would feel forgotten. Your neck, naked. This is jewellery that is not merely an accessory, but is essentially, you.

Sparkle, Fire, Beauty, Life.

It is intertwined with who you are.

It is Essential.

You've Got The Look...

Certain women have it. The magic to catch one's eye, and hold it for what can seem like forever.

What is it, exactly, that they have?

A perfect balance of beauty, and what some might call "style".

You may simply refer to it as our Fashion jewellery.
Right Hand Rings

Right Hand Rings by Hearts On Fire... Just Because...

Celebrate who you are. What you have achieved. How far you have come.

A constant reminder of the limitless strength and resolve you possess within.

And a beautiful reminder at that.