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Dazzling Results for our In House Diamond Grader

Our team member, Gemma Murphy recently spent some time in Anwerpt, the diamond capital of the world studying at the world famous International Gemmology Institute. From this intense study of the world’s most precious stones she developed a vast amount of knowledge in many areas that we can now pass on to the customer.

Cutting a diamond requires limitless imagination, intense precision and exceptional skill. It was a privilege to observe and experience this first hand.

“The greatest art form in the world is the transition of a natural rough crystal into a perfect polished diamond”.


"As a business, we have a huge moral and social responsibility when it comes to diamonds. It was great to learn about the ‘Kimberly Process’ and how its implementation has reduced the trade in ‘blood diamonds.’ Jack Murphy Jewellers adheres to the Kimberley process, never buying or trading diamonds from areas where it might encourage conflict. Our diamonds all have accountability and provenance. We only work with and source from people who adhere to all of the stringent requirements set out by this process".

At the end of this intense course Gemma completed and passed the exam, achieving her diploma! Now an international diamond grader.


Diamond quality is the core of our business, each diamond however small must be of a certain quality to make the Jack Murphy Jewellers ‘cut’. As a family business, our diamond buying expertise has been passed down from one generation to the next including our faithful and longstanding team of staff who are the core of our business. The founder of this great business, Jack is celebrating 60 years within the trade - an incredible achievement.

"I know that both me and my brother Rory, who recently joined the family business are proud to call Jack our father as well as our mentor".

Buying and selling diamonds might sound like fun, but it is a very serious job! Only 2% of the worlds diamonds pass our personal selection policy.